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Sparrohs Music Videos

Having experience as a Film Production Company, we have been filming and editing our own music videos. 2019 on the NAKED World Tour we have shot 9 different music videos in 9 different countries including Scotland, Iceland, Japan and 6 more. 
2022 the Music Videos are finally starting again. 
"Getting Up Again" is the first from the CHARIOT Album.


Solitaire - Morocco

Filmed in the Sahara desert we bring you Solitaire. Arriving on new years day, we spent 2 weeks in Morocco filming and exploring the country. 

Getting Up Again - Israel

The first music video from the CHARIOT album. Our journey brought us from Jerusalem through the Sea of Galilee all the way up the Jordan River up to the Golan Heights. We want to thank all the wonderful locals who have hosted us and showed us around this very special country. 

Lost in Oblivion - Scotland

The filming of this Music video brought us from Edinburgh all the way through the Scottish Highlands to the Isle of Skye. It was a very rainy, yet very fun experience.  
Traditional Scottish outfits mixed with Sparrohs Hot Rock... The Outcome you have to see for yourself.

The Mask - Iceland

Our first music video filmed on the NAKED World Tour. We managed to capture beautiful Icelandic scenery, horses and as always Sparrohs performing their hearts out in the very cold and snowy weather. If you can imagine, the scenes in the water were by far the most pleasant experience... Volcanic Hot Pools

Paper Hero - Japan

What an adventure in Japan. We took a ferry from Hokkaido to Tokyo to get the perfect locations for this music video. A Fun fact: We found the main actor "Mr. Wasabeans" in a supermarket asking him for Wasabi. After helping us then, he got to to know the band and decided to film with us and be our Japanese guide. 

Stolen Word - France

This song "Stolen Word", specifically written for France, came to visual life in the beautiful Bretagne. Amazing performance by Victoria and the dance crew! Liberty!

The Pope - Australia

The "heart of Australia", Alice Springs was definitely the right place to film this Hot Rock song. Our great friend and Aboriginal actor John Gibson, we met at one of our shows in his favourite bar "The Bojangles". He was sitting in the first row cheering us on. A great thanks to all the locals helping us with locations and equipment. 

Gold Digger - The Philippines

Dumaguete, the gentle city, stayed true to its name. Great work our friends from the Philippines. WE LOVED your beautiful and crazy energy and your amazing first time acting. 

There is more videos and music on our Youtube Channel "SPARROHS"

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