brian d. phillips

singeR - Guitar - songwriter

NEw zealand

Sparrohs is a Hot Rock band based in Switzerland.


Members: Brian Phillips (New Zealander), is the song writer, guitarist and vocalist. Olive Brooke (Danish/Swiss) Lead Vocalist. Cheryl Stevens (Dutch/American) Vocalist and Cajon/percussions.


Beginning year: 2012


Sparrohs’ debut album “Quintessential” was released in 2013


Sparrohs began their "Hotshot World Tour" in 2018 with their second album “Hotshot”, playing independently in over 20 countries world-wide, joined by Sebastian Unfried (Austrian) as a roadie, cameraman, flag-bearer, and promoter.


2019 Sparrohs released the "NAKED" album, and began the “Naked World Tour” in which they filmed music videos for eight songs on the Naked Album, each in different countries including: Iceland, the Philippines, 

Malta,  France, joined then by dancer Victoria Androuin (French) then Australia, Japan, Sweden, and Scotland.


2020 Sparrohs released their 4th album “Volcano” and their 5th album "Lionhearted".


All Sparrohs’ songs are originals. 


Hot Rock is a genre Sparrohs invented which focuses on truthful lyrics, hot content and hot energy.

We are putting it all in to make Hot Rock go worldwide.


Hotshots are Sparrohs’ fans. It’s everyone who loves the music, the energy, the songs, and wants to be a part.

We are looking for you!

Are you a Hotshot?

cheryl stevens

lead singeR

Denmark - Switzerland

 singer - Cajon

 The NEtherlands